Abstract Guidelines

 7th International Conference of Endocrinology and Diabetes
(7th ICED)
20-22 February 2020 (Thursday-Saturday)
Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Riyadh
Abstracts Submission Guidelines


The Saudi Society of Endocrine and Metabolism is proud to announce the
7th International Conference of Endocrinology and Diabetes (7th ICED).
The Scientific Committee and the Abstracts Committee invite individuals to
submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations.

Congress Themes
 Screening, Prevention, Treatment and Complication of diabetes
 Cardiovascular diseases, risk factors, Lipids vs Hypertension
 Metabolic bone diseases
 Advanced Technology in Diabetes
 Obesity
 Pituitary, Growth and Puberty
 Thyroid Diseases
 Adrenal Disorders
 Men’s Health
 Women’s Health
 Thyroid Cancer
 Pregnancy related endocrine disorders

Research Reports
Abstracts must contain original scientific data collected by the author(s). All reports must
be based on work that has already been completed. Studies “in progress” and studies
that had been published will be rejected. Any established research design or method
may be used.

 Language: All abstracts are to be written in English language. The Abstract
Committee reserves the right to edit abstracts where the English structure makes
comprehension difficult.
 Types of abstracts:
a. Basic Science Research
b. Clinical and Translational Research
c. Case Report
d. Quality improvement research

Submission: All abstracts must be submitted on this link
Abstracts submitted should be limited to a maximum of 350 words and should include the following:
 Title of abstract
 Name, affiliation, full address and contact details (email, phone number,
fax) of all author(s) Please indicate the name of the presenter/s clearly and
provide a 3 line biography of him/her.
 The abstract must include the following:
a. Background: Indicate the purpose and objective of the research, the
hypothesis that was tested or a description of the problem being analysed
or evaluated
b. Methods: Describe the setting/location for the study, study design, study
population, data collection and methods of analysis used
c. Results: Present as clearly and detailed as possible the
findings/outcome of the study with specific results in summarized form
d. Conclusions: Briefly discuss the data and main outcome of the study

 You will be notified by e-mail about the decision of the abstract committee
(accepted as oral presentation, accepted as poster presentation, rejected). If you
do not receive an email by 15th  February 2020 or have any additional queries
please contact us: e-mail: ssendomet@gmail.com and sarah.kaye@kr.net.sa

Important dates
 31st January 2020 – Last date for submission of abstracts

 15th February 2020 – Authors will be notified of submission result

Selection Criteria
Abstracts will be evaluated through a blind review process and scored based upon the
following criteria:
 Relevance to the congress themes
 Relevance / interest to the endocrine community
 Scientific merit of research (including methodological rigour and contemporary
contribution to knowledge)
 Quality, clarity and completeness of abstracts

Poster Presentation Specifications:
 Information should be summarized using brief written statements, graphic materials,
such as photographs, charts, graphs, and diagrams mounted on standard size poster
boards (the exact size of the poster will be determined later), pins or other mounting
materials will be supplied.
 Authors must prepare all posters beforehand in a form enabling easy mounting.
 Poster orientation (will be determined later). Clear labels must be used for each
section of the poster. Text should be of sufficient size for easy reading at a distance of
1.5 meter (between 16-20 points).
 Title must be displayed clearly at the top of the poster and should include the names of
the author(s) and the institution(s) of origin

Display and presentation:
 Poster presenters are responsible for mounting and taking down their poster during the
 Designated times for poster presentations will be incorporated into the conference.
 Poster presenters should be available to discuss their posters with the conference
participants during these periods and during the coffee breaks.
 Depending upon the number of poster presentations accepted, posters may be on
display throughout the conference

Terms and Conditions

 The Abstracts Committee reserves the right to make the final decision about the
abstract acceptance and its scheduling into the program based on topics and time
 The language of the conference is English.
 All abstracts must be prepared using the poster presentation submission guidelines.
 Each abstract submission must indicate if the material was presented in any prior
conferences or if it received any awards
 All presenters must register to attend the conference within a maximum of 2 weeks of
acceptance of the abstract and be present at the time of the conference.
 A certificate of appreciation will be given to all the presenters to honour their
 Presenters must not use the session as a marketing opportunity for
 Fee or payment of travel /living expenses or registration charges will not be provided.

Awards and Prizes
The best 3 oral and poster presentations respectively, will be awarded prizes as:
Golden Award
Silver Award
Bronze Award
Awarding of prizes will be done at the end of the session of the 3rd day of the 7th ICED,
(Saturday 22 nd of February 2020).



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