If you didn’t know, Here’s a bit about us.

KR is the independent Communication & Event Management company who World Class Standards lovers seek for . Our Expertise are always ready to offer the unique strategies & creative Ideas in the field of Management, Exhibition, Meetings, Events, Live Transmission, Media, Performance Improvement Facilities and I.T Solutions.

Certification for Clusters ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015

KR’s ISO Certification journey has made another milestone to have undergone the first certification of clusters ISO 27001:2013 related to providing Information Security Management System (IT Security) and ISO 9001:2015 related to providing Quality Management System (Quality Standardization).

KR E- Virtual Conference System

Web based event that replicates many aspects of a traditional place based conference, membership meeting, or trade show It may take place on a standalone basis or in conjunction with a place based conference It contains an information office, a booth exhibition, a lecture hall all of them in an innovative and visual way, so that all of you will be one of the first to try this new technology.

Enterprise Application Development

We develop custom applications for a variety of platforms and technologies.

Web Application Development

We develop B2B applications or any other kind of website to compliment your business venture.

Mobile Application Development

The App Solutions we offer our customers a native mobile development, as it allows delivering the best customer service and gives wider options for post-MVP development.

e-Smart Platform Solutions

KonozRetaj has developed a scalable software platform that can process, analyze and visualize large amounts of data in real time.
e-Learning, e-Health, e-Commerce, e-Finance.

KR E-Virtual Event System

The KR Virtual System is an interactive online event organizer who reach to a wider Audience through virtual conference that brings together a group of professionals with similar interests or expertise so that they can learn from one another.

Video Production

Provides full Videography for any event with Complete service.


As a full-service meeting and event management company, Plan Ahead Events understands that each client has a unique goal for their meeting or event.
Determining the right STRATEGY for each organization is crucial for the foundation of a successful meeting or event.
Only from there can a detailed action plan be conceptualized and the proper SOLUTIONS effectively implemented.
We understand that each client measures the return on investment of their event based on different outcomes and results.
Our competitive edge comes from recognizing and understanding the end goal and executing a fully developed game plan for SUCCESS.


7SSNT Congress
7SSNT Congress

7SSNT Congress To Register Website  

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SHA2021: 32nd Annual Conference of the Saudi Heart Association
SHA2021: 32nd Annual Conference of the Saudi Heart Association

SHA2021: 32nd Annual Conference of the Saudi Heart Association To

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For years, KonozRetaj has been a leading organizing company in KSA and around the Middle East, helping clients from multiple markets.

It is very important to us that your planning experience be as enjoyable as the event itself.

We facilitate the entire process by providing one-stop event design and production services.

We are KonozRetaj and the best event we’ve ever done is going to be yours.

KR anticipates your needs in order to pro-actively turn your thoughts into a successful event, delivering a dedicated service.


Trusted by the biggest brand.

Client Testimonials

Few things in life are truly definitive. KR is well on its way to becoming one of them.

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Saudi Spine Society

KonozRetaj are a partner with expertise in making Medical events effective.

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Saudi Heart Association

Konoz Retaj is a fantastic Company and a great partner , great to see it is backed up by equally good customer service.

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Saudi Derm

Thanks for a great service, KonozRetaj – well worth the cost.

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Saudi Association of Neurological Surgery
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